What they say

‘Builder of communities’ is a bit of a buzz title at the moment but Rob is a communications professional who does just this both for Whizz-Kidz and for the wider charity community. He chooses to share knowledge and insight across the broadest team possible – everyone he comes into contact with! – and personifies working [outside of] silos.
Kevin Baughen, fundraiser, blogger and founder of Bottom Line Ideas

‘Rob grasps every opportunity for his organisation but also gives generously to share tips and support for the whole sector. I have heard him speak and his creativity, innovation and sheer enthusiasm are an inspiring beacon in this ever-changing digital world.’
Victoria Rae, PR Consultant, and ex-Director of Communications, Unicef

‘Unconsciously, Rob is one of the key architect’s of Zero-credit’s journey to becoming a cooperative. No money changed hands, no deal was done and yet his goodwill towards us has been truly priceless. Without Rob’s nudges and pointers to making our Twitter account audible, we should never have succeeded as we have. Kind, passionate and dedicated to the Third Sector, you would go a long way to meet a more genuine person than Rob.’
Emma Bryn-Jones, Founder, zero-credit

‘Rob’s extensive knowledge of the appropriate and relevant applications of social media for charities made him the natural choice as an expert speaker for our group. He was an excellent speaker, personable and thorough, using real examples and cutting through the jargon whilst explaining complicated technologies. He was able to impart a great deal of knowledge and has inspired members of our group to embrace new practices.’
Joanna Quayle, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, NHS Revalidation Support Team

‘I respect Rob hugely, both for his knowledge and skill as a communications professional and his passion for the charity sector (which is inspiring to many and an enormous asset to Whizz-Kidz). He is clearly committed to driving positive change through more effective communications and use of both traditional and innovative, new media and techniques, and is a guiding light in sharing his insights and thoughts within the sector through the Third Sector PR and Comms Network (he created and runs through Facebook and Twitter) and through his excellent blog. Rob has also been a valuable sounding-board over the last couple of years regarding the development and content of NFPtweetup, and has given of his time generously to speak at, and blog about, the events. As a speaker, he is always informative, insightful, hugely warm and engaging.’
Rachel Beer, Founding Partner, Beautiful World

‘Rob is a fantastic resource, mentor, connector and cheerleader who is generous with his time and advice – something that we are grateful for for The Pixel Project, especially since many Pixel Project team members working on this project are newbies to volunteering and the Third Sector. His cheerfulness, sporting spirit, generosity and sense of humour represents the best of Third Sector professionals and I am pleased to recommend him for any job – any charity or non-profit would be lucky to have him on the team. As the Pixel Project team members once tweeted to Rob: “WOOHOO! WE LOVE YOU ROB!’
Regina Yau, Founder and Project Lead, The Pixel Project – A Global Web 2.0 Violence Against Women campaign