The Guardian blogs & panel advice

11 July 2012 Voluntary Sector Network Daily We round up some of the most useful and interesting links from around the web

11 October 2011 Best bits – charity careers in social media We round up our experts’ advice on how you can get a job in charity social media

8 November 2011 (panelist) Live Q&A – Tuesday 8 November, 1-3pm: Charity careers in social media 

23 September 2011 Best bits – social media and the voluntary sector We round up the best comments and advice from our live chat on social media

20 September 2011 (panelist) Live Q&A – Tuesday 20 September, 1-3pm: Is your charity using social media to its full potential? 

3 August 2011 (comment) Charities must demonstrate impact and diversify income

29 July 2011 My life in the voluntary sector Whizz-Kidz PR manager Rob Dyson talks about his working life and how the most important thing is maintaining balance

10 May 2011 Top charity lists expose sector navel gazing Another year and another top charities list, bemoans Rob Dyson, and it’s time we reassessed the relevance and methodology of this corporate-style indexing

6 May 2011 Best bits – is your charity social media ready? A round up of our experts advice on charities being social media ready

15 April 2011 (panelist) Live Q&A – Tuesday 19 April, 1-3pm: Is your charity ‘social media ready’? This week, we look at how charities can empower employees and volunteers to use social media

2 February 2011 Does the rise in anonymous bloggers spell unrest in the sector? From parody, to government critique and whistleblowing – anonymous voices in the blogosphere are speaking out – but few are going on the record

17 January 2011 Tough times need positive communication In these challenging times, charities must push their users’ voices to the forefront in order to demonstrate their strengths

22 December 2010 Hopes and fears for 2011 As 2010 draws to a close, we asked an eclectic group of voluntary sector leaders and opinion formers what they foresee for the year ahead

10 December 2010 A shake up is needed in the way charities raise money Charities need innovative and creative new ways to raise money in these cash-strapped times

25 November 2010 Location-based social media – what we can learn from America. Charities should look to early-adopters in US politics to learn how to use a new form of social media

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