High Class volunteering tips from The High Tea Cast

I thought I’d give a little New Year plug to the two ladies of The High Tea Cast; an irreverent, savvy, audio magazine aimed predominantly at (I’d suggest) young women – but not exclusively so. The immediately accessible monthly podcast combines music and popular culture chat, and great interviews with cool young leaders in fashion, food and third sector projects.

Co-creators Sam Sparrow and Leanne Rice welcome their audience in each month with occasionally naughty banter that makes you feel like an old pal – Loose Women this ain’t.

Anyroad, 41 minutes into the latest edition, Sam – who heads up volunteering at non-profit Catch 22 – sets about persuading co-conspirator Leanne to lend her free time to some worthy community ventures in 2012. It’s a great introduction to some charity volunteering resources and platforms, and a lovely way to start the new year as we should all mean to go on; finding ways our skills can help others and doing something good. But it’s never preachy – always in the inimitable authenticity of The High Tea Cast project.

Nice one ladies. You can also subscribe via iTunes.

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