An alternative to the alternative Xmas single

Two years ago (my, how time flies) I blogged about the ‘anti X-Factor’ song vying to oust the latest interchangeable factory-produced popster from reaching the coveted Christmas number one slot. By the following year, the ‘alternative X-factor’ single was as sure a thing as the festive fame-seeking track it wanted to undermine. There were covers, originals, and artists often associated their tracks with a non-profit – adding a seasonably-tinged charity angle to the competition (and not hurting sales).

One self-penned ditty by musician Tim Hain – knocked out hurriedly last year – slipped the net and omitted the charity link-up. Oops. But this year Tim is rectifying this and reviving his tongue-in-cheek jibe at the “X-factory” as a fundraiser for Whizz-Kidz.

Tim is no stranger to the X-Factor. Despite being a seasoned songwriter and performer (having collaborated with legendary US producer Narada Michael Walden) he entered the competition himself in 2009; the same year as the Rage Against The Machine chart battle. It’s safe to assume Tim didn’t get too far in the programme…

“Sorry, it’s a no” is his amusing rebuttal to the way “artists” are selected and manicured by the show’s production team, and contains other “X-factor rejects” including disabled actor and singer Asta Philpot. Asta, who has arthrogryposis, courted his own controversy (largely with a non-disabled audience) in the BBC’s One Life series back in 2007, where he dared to reveal disabled people want, enjoy – and seek – sex, just like anyone else.

Give the video a watch – it’s well crafted, affectionately amusing, and is easily the only Xmas single containing a man with arthrogryposis cheekily offering to “show you his tricks”. Asta and Tim believe that the X-Factor doesn’t really give artists (disabled or non disabled) a genuine chance to shine as individuals. Meanwhile every copy of “Sorry, it’s a no” downloaded from iTunes will help Whizz-Kidz support more disabled kids to lead active, independent lives and reach their own ambitions . Surely that’s worth 79p, eh? It’s “yes” from me. Happy Christmas.

Buy it now on iTunes:

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