macmillan wraps a creative twist around a traditional lobby method

I love this because I love innovation, simple participation, and clear calls-to-action. With the ‘Infi-knit‘ campaign Macmillan Cancer Suppport delivers on all three.

The charity starts with a stat:

“One in five people living with cancer turn off the heat during winter, even though they feel cold”

followed by a concern:

“energy prices [are] set to rise and freezing temperatures [to spread] across the country”

– and then make their ask of us:

“we need your help more than ever to make sure people with cancer keep warm without the worry.”

Essentially, ‘Infi-knit‘ is a petition – a public demonstration to tell Government to be mindful of fuel poverty amongst people living with cancer, who feel cold more profoundly when being treated.

The unique twist is that the petition is being crowdsourced through answers to the question “what makes you warm” actually being knitted into a super-sized scarf, and handed to Downing Street.

You can watch your personal message being woven into the scarf on the inspired “knit cam”, and (as I have done) embed their web banners into your blogs or website to raise awareness to others.

The time is ripe (so great planning by Macmillan’s Policy team) because next April, the Warm Home Discount will be introduced – giving certain vulnerable groups money back on their energy bills. The Coalition are consulting the public and lobbyists right now on who should be eligible for this discount.

Infi-knit feels really participatory, isn’t making a financial ask right now (although I’m sure in the New Year I shall receive one via email), and best of all is fun. It rings perfectly with Macmillan’s ‘Good Day’ message; not eliciting pity or sympathy, but rather universalising the subject matter (made even more impactful because of the extreme snow and cold conditions right now).

Disclosure: I don’t work for Macmillan, but they (and Marie Curie Cancer Care) played a key role in the support of a member of my family this year. I just think credit where it’s due – this is a well conceived campaign. Well done.

3 thoughts on “macmillan wraps a creative twist around a traditional lobby method

  1. it’s a great campaign isn’t it? i joined it earlier too. hope they’re able to reach their target and make a real difference for cancer patients especially during this horribly cold winter. neutropenia and chemo side effects are not fun, especially in the cold.

    1. Yep, right time and right campaign. I see they have corporate partners linked with it – as that’s my only concern – the cost of the marketing / materials including the wool! 😉

  2. Thanks for your great blog post about the Infi-Knit and for your support on Twitter – I work for Macmillan in the campaigns team and am very proud and pleased that our campaign is being so well received.

    Just wanted to say that we won’t be asking for any financial help, but we will be emailing you in the New Year asking for further help with the consultation, by emailing your MP. You are also right on the corporate partnerships – the machine and wool have kindly been donated to us and the guys at LBi, who brilliantly built this, have done a large amount of work above and beyond the initial scope, donating time and expertise as they were so committed to the cause.

    Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas!

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