As we Remember; one charity sticks up for its independence

Remembrance Sunday, the biggest national honouring of all of those who have lost their lives during war, those injured, and all their families (should) unite us all beyond our political hue.

So my eyebrows raised to see the rather opportunistic (and arguably naive) decision of whoever tweets for @Conservatives to link their current buzzword to Remembrance Day.

I wasn’t the only person to take note of this; another tweeter who showed dismay and protestation being KilburnMat.

I was, then, rather pleased to see @PoppySupport – the retweeted Twitter profile raising awareness and fundraising for The Royal British Legion – confront the Tory tweeter, and question the motive to tie ‘Big Society’ to Remembrance Sunday (and in turn a charity which pre-dates the BS concept by many many years).

The key advisers and devisers of Big Society, incidentally, don’t much like so-called ‘monolithic’ “Big Charity” (an umbrella under which The Royal British Legion knows that it could conceivably be placed). Rather BS is more a driver to motivate individuals to micro-social action within their communities; ‘ground up’ (for better or worse).

So good for @PoppySupport for challenging @Conservatives for riding on their politically neutral coat tails.

I wonder if this little exchange will get picked up more widely. It could be the first time a charity has (on Twitter) stood up to say ‘don’t use me’, to the politicians.

Mind you in saying that I have just found @PoppyLegion, which purports to be the ‘Official’ Twitter voice of RBL. And here lies the problem of authenticity in social media…

5 thoughts on “As we Remember; one charity sticks up for its independence

    1. Bit naughty of the Tories, and uncharacteristically confrontational of a charity (if it’s ‘official’). But – you know – it was a weekend, and essentially it’s two individuals tweeting for their respective organisations. I wonder if there is to be fallout ‘from above’ come Monday morning for either / both…

  1. ooh. controversial.

    thinking of tories hijacking charity events for their political gain, remind me to tell you a little story at the NFPtweetup…

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