Audio and imagery storytelling: our second joint-event with Sounddelivery

Jude and I held the second in our series of joint events between Sounddelivery and my Third Sector PR and Comms Network last week; a Q &A with Paul Kerley from the BBC to discuss Digital Storytelling and Audio Slideshows.

We were treated to some moving, powerful, and reflective slideshows – and discussed the use of music and narration in constructing theme and impact. One particularly poignant piece by American photographer and writer Judith Fox documented her husband’s Alzheimer’s Disease; diagnosed just three years into the couple’s marriage.


Judith Fox's slideshow. click on the image to visit the BBC, and view the slideshow


Another slideshow depicted Capt Alexander Allan narrating from his tour of duty in the Helmand province in Afghanistan; featuring a surreal but touching episode where they formally buried a colleague’s blown-off foot…


Capt Alexander Allan's slideshow. click on the image to visit the BBC, and view the slideshow


For those that couldn’t attend, we used our Twitter hashtag #SDeventsEric Whelan of sounddelivery has helpfully cached the tweets on this blog.

Again, thanks to everyone who came down on the night; and for some great questions and discussion around uses of audio and imagery in charity communications and pitching stories. Huge thanks to Paul who shared his experience of producing within the BBC, and some top tips for charities (don’t date-stamp things being a great one: it may be that you can use or re-use content further down the line).

Our next event is already planned – a very special screening of the award-winning Shed Your Tears and Walk Away and a discussion of the themes of the film with the director Jez Lewis. Part documentary, part personal intervention, Lewis filmed among friends with absolutely unrestricted access, to give a scarily authentic portrayal of marginalised and overlooked people. This is an extremely powerful documentary which we look forward to bringing to a wider audience.

This is the first event for which we are charging a fee – in order to cover the costs of the rights to publicly show the film. Find out more, and book your place now.

2 thoughts on “Audio and imagery storytelling: our second joint-event with Sounddelivery

  1. Rob I was truly moved by Judith Fox and her husband. Their beautiful documentary of deep love, admiration, and respect will go on to touch and educate long after we all go to our final reward. The dignity of aging and death is revealed by Judith as both profound and natural. I envy their love and devotion.

  2. Thanks for your comment and for droppping by, Vince. It is an excellent piece isn’t it? Really demonstrates how the medium can personify the beauty and tragedy of human life. Very moving.

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