Katine project evening marks first joint-event for Sounddelivery and third sector comms network

Jude and I were very proud to host the first of a series of joint events between Sounddelivery and my Third Sector PR and Comms Network last week; a Q &A with Liz Ford, Editor of The Guardian’s Katine project website. The session was ably and expertly chaired by Steven Buckley – Head of Communications and Brand at Christian Aid.

The Katine project sees The Guardian tracking an international NGO’s (Amref) three-year development project, in partnership with Barclays, in Katine – a sub-county in Uganda. Their aim is to explain where donations go, how aid works, and how lives are changed on the ground.

Liz talked candidly about the challenges of the project, such as gaining informed consent, and getting wider buy-in from The Guardian when it came to covering stories; tales of domestic abuse for example were not reported, as the title ‘doesn’t cover these stories routinely’ in the UK..

Pertinent questions were also asked by the audience with regards to the impact on fundraising through The Guardian’s coverage (Liz was sketchier on this detail, but pledged to find out).

Liz told us how they were able to set up a live blogging session between school children in Katine and kids in a North London comprehensive. This was a highlight for me because it harnesses technology to make distance irrelevant over the richness of shared experience. It was amusing how the kids chatted about ‘ordinary’ things such as football and classes. Kids are kids wherever they are in the world.

For those that couldn’t attend, we ran a live stream of the event through Christian Aid’s broadcast channel – and used a hashtag #SDevents so that people could tweet in their questions for Liz. Attendee Adam Oxford also wrote up a summary of the evening on his blog.

We’d like to thank everyone who came down on the night, and we’d love to see you at our next event – taking place on 21 October, again at the Sounddelivery offices in Aldgate East.

We shall be welcoming Paul Kerley from the BBC to discuss Digital Storytelling and Audio Slideshows. Watch this space for more.

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