Microvolunteer and raise funds for charity, via Cofacio

How many times have you used a bit of surplus time to scour a message board or two to impart your wisdom (read: wax lyrical about your knowledge of south London boozers), contribute to a review site, or answer a query from a Twitter pal?

Well now you can feel all clever, and do some charitable social action at the same time, courtesy of new platform Cofacio – The Help Engine. (Full disclosure: Whizz-Kidz has recently signed up to be a charity partner.)

It works by users accruing ‘points’ every time you answer a question, ask a question of the community, and / or are thanked for helping someone else. Points are converted into your own little ‘fund’ or bank – and you decide which of the signed-up charities gets the benefits of your community engagement. The (actual) money that the (virtual) points buy comes from corporate partners – looking for both an innovative way of giving a donation, and providing an altruistic ‘incentive’ for everyday people helping each other out. And I think it’s rather neat.

The good news is you can sign-up using your Twitter or Facebook account, so there doesn’t have to be another password and username to remember – and away you go.

Current charity partners signed up (at no cost to them) are Carousel, Action Against Hunger, and Conflict & Change. Whizz-Kidz is soon to be another. Current business partners are Legal & General, VeriQual and Media140.

Cofacio‘s Help Engine is yet another innovative way of harnessing microvolunteering and small actions (slactions if you will, if we’re looking at this as a form of ‘slactivism‘) to raise both profile and funds for charities. Get in touch with the team if you’re interested in being a charity or business partner. Advert over.

4 thoughts on “Microvolunteer and raise funds for charity, via Cofacio

  1. Rob my buddy, if I were a South London boozer instead of a Poughkeepsie, NY boozer I would be accruing points galore for Whizz-Kidz. Best of Luck with this great idea. CHEERS!

  2. haha – thanks Vince 😉 I’m pretty sure you can use the community too…look out for Whizz-Kidz’ appearance shortly, and I’ll give you a heads-up. Cheers for your support!

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