A petition of voices – using ipadio

Very cool, this. Phone-blogging, or ‘phlogging’, tool ipadio has been used by charities to engage with supporters for a little while now – and Oxfam is currently using it to call for international action in a really direct way: with an audio petition.

Hundreds of people from the UK, USA and other European countries have been calling Oxfam’s ipadio channel with a simple message: “Afghan people first”. A really cool feature is that when you speak your location, the tech will plot where you are on a virtual map. So we get a visual representation of the grassroots support for Oxfam’s cause, and ipadio literally gives the campaign a plurality of voices. Powerful and collaborative stuff.

Oxfam is playing the messages live outside the major summits on Afghanistan taking place this year, to encourage world leaders to sit up and take notice.

A great use of tech and social media.

To learn more and get involved visit Oxfam’s page, and why not listen to what others are saying?

4 thoughts on “A petition of voices – using ipadio

  1. Rubbish researcher that I am I have only just noticed this piece Rob – many thanks – it is quite exciting. The url this sits on is http://www.ipadio.com/FightPovertyAfghanistanMap.asp intrigingly the promotion was done fairly evenly to each country but the vast majority of the calls in were from the US! Just Giving have also now started with this sort of thing: http://blog.justgiving.com/beta/map/ we’ll see how it goes! Amnesty also now plan on collecting voices more proactively via streaming out conference calls from far flung places – though think this will be intranet based which is a shame. Cheers, Mark

  2. Hehe thanks for finding me, Mark. I’m exploring Ipadio for ways to give voice(s) to young people at Whizz-Kidz currently – we’ve got some great ideas, and your gang have been really helpful! Keep you the good work. Rob

  3. The JustGiving example is nice – we have had some trials with fundraisers using ipadio to broadcast exactly what they are doing – there was a lovely one here from the self styled plodcasters: http://blog.ipadio.com/06/the-spa2summit-challenge-plodcast/ we reckon that more money is raised when you share the pain during a fundraiser than if not – and traditionally people ask their mates before an event for £ and tell them after what the did – but what about during? So we hope that with the weight of JG behind us we can prove the actual level of % gain with a phonecasted event.

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