Two audioboos from CharityComms conference 24 June 2010

Today I attended the excellent CharityComms ‘Fit for the Future’ Conference in London, featuring a range of speakers from non-profits, public affairs, research, and public relations agencies – all addressing how to develop a communications strategy in a changing world.

I was lucky enough to be asked to join Rachel Beer, founder of Beautiful World, and Michael Tully of Future Foundation, to discuss our thoughts and practices around digital comms. Also on the roster was the superb and inspiring Betty McBride, Policy and Comms Director at The British Heart Foundation, and Peter Gilheany from Forsters who gave a fantastically frank and no nonsense guide to demystifying the communications strategy.

I caught three of the breakout sessions, which was Peter, Jonathan Baker – Researcher at NFP Synergy (with a great session on charities and trust), and Jonathan Lomax – Director at Mandate, who provided really clear and down-to-earth advice about charities and lobbying – specifically in the context of the shiny, new Coalition Government.

I grabbed Peter Gilheany and Jonathan Lomax for some quick audioboo interviews during the day, to capture the toplines of their presentations for those that couldn’t attend the sessions.

I hope you enjoy them; and do think about attending future CharityComms seminars and conferences; superb value for money. Advert over!

To take a look at the entire agenda, and download the speaker’s presentations, check out CharityComms’ website. And I’d advise visiting the conference hashtagged tweets for a recap. As ever I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and two-penneths…

2 thoughts on “Two audioboos from CharityComms conference 24 June 2010

  1. Rob I truly enjoyed listening to your interviews, May I suggest you do more of them. They were excellent. I am learning from them. As your friend and colleague from across the pond I too believe in the effectiveness of Social Media. It IS the future of not-for-profit comm and meda guys like us. Good show mate!

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