AudioBoo: John Carnell at Media140 third sector interview


I haven’t found the time yet to post up a post-mort on the Media140 third sector event last week, so I thought I’d share this short audioboo interview with one of the standout speakers, John Carnell, founder of Bullying UK.

There’s a whole host of these on media140’s audioboo page – the interviewer doesn’t reveal their name, but they’re very good.

As I told John today, I was listening to this as I was making my breakfast this morning (!) – such is the quality of these great vox pops from the conference.

I was proud to have been asked to join the panel discussing ‘Finding a Voice’ and building communities in social media and real-time web, chaired by Tristan Donovan – Deputy Editor of Third Sector magazine. For what it’s worth, I’ve bashed together some slides which illustrate the practical application of social media with users and supporters of Whizz-Kidz, that I discussed during the session. I hope they are of interest.

illustration by Daniel Battams see more of his work at

5 thoughts on “AudioBoo: John Carnell at Media140 third sector interview

  1. Rob you’re a natural at this interviewing lark. I love how passionate John is about Bullying UK and social media.What did you use to record the interview? Pretty good sound quality.Any plans for more audio interviews?

  2. Oh god, sorry – didn’t mean to imply I was the interviewer! No – better clear that up; I have just re-posted this from Media140’s audioboo page. I’m not actually sure who the interviewer is as they don’t say their name ;(If you listen to the one audioboo I’ve done (just me) I guess there’s a similar tone to our voices (maybe we’re both South Londoners!) But my voice is not quite so radio-savvy or erm deep 😉 guess this was just recorded on an iPhone – perhaps with a muffler on the mic to reduce noise. I *do* plan to do some interviews though at the next nfptweetup on 4 March. I hope I can live up to the quality of this (erm nameless) media140 interviewer. 😉

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