When tech goes wrong – make light (or erm not)

“Awfully sorry

Currently, Shelter Housebling doesn’t work on Google Chrome for Windows. Despite our best efforts we can’t seem to get Housebling playing nice with Google Street View. We appreciate the irony. If you still want to use Housebling despite our epic fail, please use another browser such as Firefox or, at a push, Internet Explorer.

So Shelter’s viral ‘housebling‘ (harnessing Google tech) doesn’t work on erm Google Chrome. The idea (I think) is to virtually bling your house with lights – using real images of your property from Google Street View; encouraging you to have a bit of festive fun – share the link with friends, and ultimately raise awareness of UK charity Shelter‘s work and donate time or money.

The fact that this viral isn’t compatible between two Google tools is a bit funny. And I’m glad Shelter also saw the amusing side of things with this cheeky holding page. Thanks for making me chuckle.

16 February update

Very flattering to see these posts getting viewed in the triple figures, and for Civil Society IT (sister paper to the artist formerly known as Professional Fundraising) getting inspired by this very blog. Appreciate the hat tip 😉

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