How sad, another name and shame – but nowhere on site to feedback

Sorry folks, posting this here as the feedback form on the holiday site will only allow a review post-stay (and as you will see that erm won’t happen).

I would love to be able to wax lyrical about how wonderful the Copse in Berkshire (above) is – and I hear that it truly is – but our perfect break was cancelled before it began. I would avoid attempting to book this property as tempting as it appears – as my party of 12, and another set of friends we recommended it to for a relaxed Hen weekend next year, both had our holidays cancelled by the hapless owner.

Ours was particularly cruel as a close group of 30-somethings had planned a beautiful New Year’s break away after a tough year; all together for the last time – craving something different from the usual London club affair. But we were told by the owner that she “had to put up her family instead” (!?) a few weeks before our stay – our deposit sadly returned as we were told ‘good luck finding somewhere else for NYE’. Double-take – yes this happened.

I really have to question the motives and business clout of a holiday home owner that consistantly lets potential customers down in this way. Sans transparency or explanation.

So we got our deposit back, but It’s not really on to do this, is it? An accepted deposit kind of suggests that the reservation has erm..been accepted.

I expect more from my services (i.e: a service), and as I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog – reputations can be made or ruined by word of mouth, and on the web.

Sad, a shame, a sham….

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