I’m waving – anybody there?


Yay – thanks to Damien Austin-Walker at Timebank, I am now using Googlewave beta…It looks like this will get a whole lot more interesting when there are people to collaborate with. And it really doesn’t like Windows Vista on my home laptop (but then not much does). I’ve had a slightly confusing conversation with a PR pal already.

It was a bit like watching the backend of someone’s Instant Messenger – all live tap-tapping, typos and deletions exposed, and a bit hesitant. It’s also easy to fall out of linear chat because of the way you can reply and interrupt any ‘blip’ in the wave (not being consistent with this nautical metaphor, eh?). But it was good to have a first little splash in the wave…Or should that be puddle?

Anyone else out there…? Waving or drowning…Throw me a lifebuoy at robmdyson@googlewave.com.

Day 2: okay I’m starting to see the potential…at its most basic it’s like an embeddable email, where you don’t have to click away from the thread (wave) to see the links, pics and videos. But the potential for live (and lively) collaboration in the wave is pretty big. I’ve found this Pulp Fiction / Google wave mash-up that I think demonstrates the fun to be had (contains very strong language, folks).

Day 7: Aha (see comments below) there is now a burgeoning erm…’wave’ of third sector types on Google Wave and things are starting to form. I’ve listed a few here on my Facebook Third Sector PR network. I gather lots more people are getting invites to distribute to friends so this looks like the big push. I have a couple of invites left myself if anyone needs one. Email me: Robmdyson@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “I’m waving – anybody there?

  1. Hi Rob. Yes, the UK voluntary sector is still quiet on Google Wave, but there is movement and a growing interest. I’ve just added you as a contact.John Carnell has, not surprisingly, been quick off the mark on 18 October by setting up The UK Charity / Nonprofit Wave. I followed suit with the UK charity fundraising wave on 19 October. Still getting to grips with it, having given it a rest for two or three weeks. Look forward to finding more fundraisers on it.

  2. Thanks Howard. Wow, yes there is a flurry of charity activity on there I see! Mainly digital media / PR types. I’ve dished out a few invites today to a couple of fundraisers and charity folk today and asked them to add us. The clan is growing. And so are the conversations. Like buses. I was having about four ‘wave’ chats at once earlier. Gets a bit frantic.. 😉

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