Amplifying voices – quickly, simply and for free

Youtube affords charities a chance to bring their stories and fundraising successes to life – this much we know. But they don’t have to look super-produced or contain a lot of graphics, or rack up huge marketing spend, to make an impact.

The clip above depicts Kidz Board Chair Jamie Green discussing the content of a national schools survey – conceived and created by the young people at Whizz-Kidz – with School Secretary Ed Balls. The Department for Children, Schools and Families had agreed to help distribute the survey via an email to heads at 20,000 schools across England.

This simple – and clearly amateur – video clip gives the viewer an insight into the kind of work that Whizz-Kidz ambassadors do. It’s quick and dirty, but quite watchable – particularly as it has a kind of documentary fly-on-the-wall feel to it. It shows how confident, intelligent and innovative the charity’s young people are. I don’t need to add a disclosure here; I’ve made it quite clear I work at Whizz-Kidz.

I drew people to the video by hosting it on Youtube, and then ‘tweeted’ the url to our followers on Twitter (dutifully retweeted by Ed Balls *smiles*) and posted the link on our Facebook fan page. It quickly got hundreds of hits.

Simple yet effective, and empowering Whizz-Kidz’ young beneficiaries to amplify their voices.

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