Robinsons – property ‘managers’ that drag their feet, then walk the hell away from problems.

Okay so I’m naming and shaming these ‘property managers’ who have been entirely inept at best, and apathetic at worst, over the last three years of their tenure at my flat complex. To make matters worse – aside from us having to consistently do their jobs for them – they saw the writing on the wall (we were going to ditch them after this year’s AGM) and have handed their notice in; leaving us with no property management in three months’ time.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think reputation should be earned – and I believe it very foolhardy to leave residents fuming at the condescending way you’ve treated them for three years, and to run to the hills when unresolved problems ‘get too much’. Robinsons; your reputation is in tatters.

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